Personal Style Disovery

A 2 hr consulting session (virtual / in person) to help you identify your true dominant personal style based on your inner personality & your physical characteristics so that when dressing up you can create the desired look and convey the right message that is authentic to who you are as a person.

Look attractive and feel comfortable at the same time!


What would you achieve?

  • You will discover your authentic true style that will help you make easy decision while creating a desired look or while shopping for yourself and overall presenting your body and persona the way you want or the way you naturally are!

  • You would be aware of your dominant personal style and also your style range that would guide you in expressing different sides of your personality

  • You would learn the techniques to solve all your image related problems and bring creativity and variety in your looks

  • Basic tips to mix-match an outfit based on your personal style preferences.

  • You will be aware of the delicate balance on how to manipulate your clothing characteristics to present your physical self attractively and at the same time being true to your authentic psychological self! 

  • Learning about your personal style would enable you to dress in an authentic manner that is true to your values,roles and goals.

  • Being aware of your authentic personal style will guide you while shopping so that you are able to invest your hard earned money in clothes that bring real value to you.

Value Add ONs

Personal Shopping

Get a personal shopping experience based on your style needs and budget at a discounted rate of $25/hr

‘word of mouth’ benefit

Refer your lady friend for my services and get a flat $50 discount on any style package.


Detailed Personal Style -Recommendations

Style Guide for reference

Articles , extra informations etc as a reading material

Email and text support post the session

Personal Style Discovery Package = $95