1 week Image+Wardrobe transformation

3hr ‘in-home’ visit and 2 hrs of personal shopping over a period of 1 week helping women entrepreneurs possess an authentic and confident image so that they feel their best in every situation. Looking like the woman they were meant to be with an image that is consistent with their lifestyle and their business. An inspiring wardrobe that endows you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and create powerful impressions capable to make your dreams come true.

Look authentic and capable to make your dreams come true! Be a brand that is YOU.

Make your appearance convey the right message about you and what you say you do!

Changing your life through the art & science of styling. 

What would you achieve?

  • You would be more self aware , possess a healthy body image and learn to carry a powerful appearance.

  • An experience that would lead you to self-appreciation and self-confidence.

  • You would know your personal style , body variations and wow colors that would help you dress confidently and shop efficiently.

  • A wardrobe that is true to who you are and consistent to your lifestyles and goals.

  • Learn to mix-match and pull together an outfit based on your styles needs and messages you want to convey through your image.

  • Get tips to help you dress authentically and create a powerful first impression in different networking events you attend as a business woman.

  • You will be aware of the delicate balance on how to manipulate your clothing characteristics to present your physical self attractively and at the same time being true to your authentic psychological self.

  • This is a wonderful experience that make you aware of who you are as a person -a woman who is beautiful , confident and capable to make her dreams come true.

  • Get 4 co-ordinated looks created for you that are appropriate for client meetings / networking events.

Included: 2hr Personal Shopping

Get 2 hr Personal Shopping experience included with this package.

FREE: 1 follow-up wardrobe edit

Get one free follow-up wardrobe session / a seasonal refresh in the next 6 months.

‘Word of mouth’ benefits

Refer your lady friend for my services and get a flat $50 discount for your next style package.

Program Features

Questionnaire in mail

1 hr consultation to discover your style needs , figure variations and personal coloring

2 hrs in home visit to edit your wardrobe + style tips to create co-ordinated Outfit looks based on your desired style scale and lifestyle needs + Developing your shopping list.

2 hr of personal shopping experience based on your budget and style needs.


recommendation on styles, shapes , colors and fabrics.

Personal shopping with smart shopping skills

Personalized outfits Lookbook

Style Guide for reference

Articles , extra informations etc as a reading material

Email and text support post the session

Investment: $225