She owns a wardrobe that delights her everyday!


Wardrobe De-cluttering as A self love

Love is in the air! Yes its February, one of my favorite month of the year to - Treasure all the love support I have in my life from my spouse, family, friends, women communities, colleagues and everyone with whom I have connected some way or the other in my life so far.

- Expanding my love to also love myself equally , adore the body I have, cherish the only life I have been gifted, make me feel special and valued.

“Self love is a foundation on which you build a happy life”

What we can do that sparks joy in our life? A gesture of love for ourselves? I like to keep it simple and of course achievable - starting my day with a good breakfast , some yoga , buying myself flowers , taking a walk amidst the nature, a relaxing hot bath and my favorite is celebrating dressing up to look my best and feel even better!

Through my blog today , I am inviting you to nurture some self love right through your wardrobe. Your clothes have the power to uplift your mood, to make you feel confident and inspired! “The external is always internalized” When you build a true and loving relationship with your clothes and your wardrobe you will feel an incredible shift in your mindset and it would reflect in every walk of your life.

It does its magic on me everyday as I dress myself - making me look and feel my best always. Boosting in me the power to rule the world and a confidence that elevates up my heart.

You can turn your wardrobe into an inviting place that would never fail to amaze you. It’s a process of cultivating self love through creativity , individuality and authenticity! Organizing your wardrobe is a self-reflection therapy that helps you to know yourself more, get more aware of your body variations, discover your true style personality and makes you shine with love, confidence and positivity!

If your clothes make a statement about you

then your wardrobe is going to tell the whole story!


a wardrobe is a fascinating place that reveals so much about a person whose clothes they hold!

Be more aware of what your wardrobe is speaking to you or to the outside world about you? Is it how you want ?

When you have a wardrobe that is best suited to your lifestyle , personality, body and everything within your budget - no one can stop you from looking incredible everyday! When you look good, you feel better and you do your best!

Believe me it really perks up my day when someone compliments me on how I look or the way I style my outfit.

You want that compliment! You deserve to have that happy feeling! Who does not want to look & feel fabulous? Everyone does and everyone can! It’s this easy and affordable!  You have got everything in you —all you need is to find it!

It’s never too late to be what you might have been!

Let’s start your journey of happy wardrobing right now and right here with below proven tips that would make you fall in love with your wardrobe every time you open it:

  • Whenever you wear your outfit - take a moment and internalize the feelings it generates in you. Does it make you feel special? Does it enhance your curves the way you want? Does it look appropriate for the occasion? Are you able to function properly wearing them? What do they say about? Is that what you want them to say? Every piece that you put on your body should evoke an amazing feeling in you! Make a note of all these positive and happy feelings it generates in you and swear never to keep any such piece in your wardrobe that doesn’t spark similar joy in you!

  • Discover your likes and dislikes Focus on the ‘why’- why are some clothes your favorite? Why you love to wear them? Remember it’s all in the details - there will always be something about the shape , color or fabric that either works the best for you or doesn’t work. Make a note about the whys and use this discovery to guide you when you are out there shopping for yourself. It’s not about possessing expensive brands but owning what is authentic to you.

  • Look for variety in your wardrobe. Do you have more pants or dresses? Are the colors mostly black and white or you see some variety ? Do you have more t-shirts and no blouses? What kind of fabrics you see? Do you own more casual styles or the dressier ones? While doing this evaluation process try to reflect on your lifestyle, your current roles and the goals you are aiming for in near future. Your wardrobe must align with the life you lead and not the life of someone else. Having variety in your wardrobe would help you dress to express every facet of your personality and you would never limit your lifestyle as your wardrobe have got your back this time.

Can you step out of your house without wearing anything? When you have to wear something why not wear something that inspires in you the feelings of self love and self worth!

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection
— Buddha



It’s me , Yes your go to style coach and I am here to fulfill all your style needs!

I feel amazing sharing my passion with you and connect with you via this forum. This is my first official blog post and I hope it encouraged you to love and acknowledge your clothes as an act of loving yourself.