5 style tips to avoid image breakers


bring confidence in your appearance

To carry a winning image and feeling your best matters at all age and all phase of your life. For achieving this you don't have to like every garment or outfit suggested by latest fashion trends , magazine or style icons. Your challenge is to discover what works for you , your body and what really meets your needs.

Saying that , let me share some amazing tips that would help you carry an image that is attractive , pleasing , comfortable and appropriate. Trust me, this awareness can wow your image.

  • Dress as per the occasion: Whenever you dress make sure you think about the occasion you are attending, with whom you are going to be with and how does your outfit sets the right mood for it so that you don’t feel out of place.

  • Know how it fits you: Always check the garment for wrinkles. If you see tight horizontal wrinkles its too small around your body , if there are tight vertical wrinkles then its too short for you. Remember: Too tight or too loose clothing can make you appear bigger. Always try to keep enough ease for your outerwear.

  • Care your clothes: Before wearing any garment always check for ripped seams or hems , dangling belt loops , ring around the collar, makeup stains, loose snap hooks or any visible tags.

  • Tasteful use of accessories: Your footwear, jewelry, handbags, stockings, belts, scarves etc can either make or break your entire outfit. Poorly maintained accessories can ruin your entire look and also shows that u lack self-care. Avoid overworn belts, snagged stockings, dirty handbags or shoes with rundown edges and heels. However, there is lot to play with accessories. You can make use of it to help draw attention to the place you want or to become more creative - and ultimately cheering up your mood.

  • Have harmony in your outfit: It is achieved when every design element of your outfit - shape, color, fabric and every single piece of your outfit relate to one another contributing to your mood. Try to create a sense of completeness in your outfit - nothing is extra yet nothing is missing. Sometimes what’s missing can be either a jacket, vest, earring or sometimes less is more.

Look & Feel Fabulous!