4 Fall Styles I am loving in my closet | Fall 2019



LIFE STARTS all over again when it's a new season and so does the fun of updating our wardrobe with warm colorful fall vibes. 

As I step into Fall 2019, I couldn’t resist myself to explore some new looks.

ISN’T IT FUN and exciting to let go all those summery dresses, pastels and omg those beach wears and fall into a richer color palette with such cute warmer knits. I am ready for fall, y’all!!

This is what Fall signifies too - the beauty in LETTING GO THE OLD and embracing the new and bold. So bring it on!! Those bright colors, bold patterns , SAY YES to the silhouettes you hesitated to get in before.

This year, I am up for a vibrant, edgy fall wardrobe that’s extra-ordinary and still very much functional. Coz, why not?

May be you are a step ahead and already know what your statement style is for fall 2019, well that’s pretty awesome!! However if you are like me and is always up for some new inspiration, I invite you to checkout my looks below and see what you think?


 May be you are still in the process of updating your wardrobe and making efforts to figure out what works for you the best, then I request that you definitely scroll down and  checkout some of my current looks that I am loving for this season. I am sure it will help you spark some ideas and get inspired for your fall/winter wardrobe.

Let’s just dive right into the looks from my closet and see what I have found so far from Jomar Stores in Philly. 

Just to announce, I am still looking out for more pieces that I have in my mind and can’t wait to share with you soon.




My love for color has got me fall for this beautiful rich Green. Wearing it as a monochromatic look, Green over Green!!

Mono Chrome looks can get you a lot of attention specially when you get creative with the textures and fabrics.

Both the skirt and the sweater is from Jomar Store. This color is my new addition to my wardrobe #beingnew

The statement Neckpice is just what I needed to complete the look.



Plaid over Plaid

Most seen fashion trend on the streets during the New York Fashion Week. Though plaid is one classic style and have been around recently, however this season it’s gonna be with a modern twist - contrasting styles, bold color combos. Window panes, Gingham, Tartan are getting popular and the deal breaker is when you style a Plaid on a Plaid with colorful patterns and fabrics.


Leopard with leatheR

Animal prints are not going anywhere and gonna stay with me for a while specially the leopard and snake prints. You can wear it as bold as you want or can also go for some funky pop colors in it.

I am rocking an edgy look for myself as I level-up my leopards with a leather jacket.

Adding a leather jacket to my wardrobe is a bold move for me as I am someone who have always felt overpowered with the edginess and sporty vibe of a leather jacket. However as I said, fun is always in exploring new styles, so why not? And tbh, I actually love this jacket - its lightweight and fits perfectly on my body.


Popping PINK

Another bold move is to wear neons during the fall/winter. You have seen it everywhere neon pink, neon greens are a hit this season.

I always used to run away from hot pink color or bright pinks as I felt it never quite complimented my skin tone. Until, I found this hot pink knit sweater dress. I was looking for some bright pink shades to add some brightness to my fall wardrobe and I am so happy to found this cute sweater in hot pink color.

If you are like me who doesn’t mind going beyond the basic and rock a gorgeous bright color, then go grab your pop color knit.

Saw this hanging at the Jomar store and I immediately fell in love with it.

Outfits: Jomar Store Philly | Photographer: Erica Torres

So these were my favorite 4 looks the fall.

Had a great time sharing with you and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

More styled outfits coming your way soon!!

Please share your comments and let me know which styled outfit sparked a joy in you!!

Have a Fabulous Fall!!