This plaid ensemble is inspired by vogue 2019 pre-fall edition that just amazed me their interesting pattern plays of tartan, gingham, houndstooth and so much more..

FALL 2019 is going to be so much about PLAIDS WITH A MODERN TWIST

As I got super inspired to try on some plaid styles and embrace my new love for plaids , a simple thought just hit me!!

Since when, did I started loving Plaids??

How I ended up liking Plaids?

One pattern that I have always stayed away from as far as I could was ‘Checks of any kind

Being a very feminine, soft and a yin person, I looked plaids as very overpowering, serious, stiff and something that’s definitely not ME.  

As I put some thought on WHY I disliked it so much - I discovered an interesting aspect of my growing up days where I have seen my dad who was an authoritative, strict and a formal kind of a person mostly wearing  classic plaid patterns.

Most of his wardrobe was neutral, classic Plaid bottoms, suits and Jackets.

That’s how I developed this feeling that plaids = YANG, Masculine , Authoritative, stiff and formal. 

Though I have always appreciated how powerful a straight, angular patterns makes you look, I was never confident to try it on me as it always seemed conflicting to the personality I possessed.

It was until recently, when I realized that I actually like plaids and can definitely wear it with a ‘feminine twist’. 

It is very unconscious and obvious to associate feelings and moods around specific colors, patterns, fabrics etc however what’s needed to be done is getting aware of the reason behind the WHY - why you dislike something?

Interestingly, you may discover that the reason you don’t like something is just silly - totally unrelated to you or imposed by someone else. 

When that happens you may able to overcome your former dislike and make friends with some new wardrobe options that may look amazing on you. 

When you discover the WHY of your dislike you take the first step in fully putting yourself out there and not limiting yourself to just few safe styles. 

With this discovery as I started enjoying plaids, let me also share with you 2 easy styling tips that worked amazingly for me when adding plaids to my wardrobe : 

  • Play your plaid bottom - if you are new to plaids and looking to experiment then starting with a plaid bottom and pairing it up with your neutral top is alway less overwhelming and easy.

  • Pair them up any way you please - Bored with the basic neutral plaid styles and looking to bring a fun twist? then go for plaids in an exciting color coordinations, pair it up with some neons or simply go-over-the top by mixing plaids over plaids.

Are you like me who never used to like plaids and now looking for some style support to bring plaids into your wardrobe?

Then, Stay tuned to my posts! I am gonna come up with some exciting posts as I try these pieces on and bring you some inspirations when I share my unique plaid styles created with my personal touch!!


Do not miss to check out the plaid styles that’s everywhere now ( best ones I found was on vogue)  and use it to create your personal style inspiration


Simply, let yourself experiment and discover your new style story. 


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