MONOCHROMATIC color scheme presents the harmony of one color family. 

It is a simple and easy way to look amazingly UNIQUE and different from the rest!! Specially , it can come as a PERK if you are someone who don’t like to wear patterns or not very interested in mixing colors. 

GOING ONE COLOR top to bottom creates an undeniably chic and stylish look ; plus trust me it can save you all your time and money too!!

We all have rocked that ‘ALL-BLACK’ outfits and we know how elegant it looks, but for a change - try to layer one color family together and you will be surprised on how interesting and sophisticated the look will be. 

These pieces are a new addition to my SUMMER WARDROBE.. Excited to try it on!!


The top is 100% COTTON - one of my favored fabric specially for its lightness and cooling properties. Love the light color embroidery and the puff sleeves that makes the look more interesting with this versatile straight leg denim.

BLUES have that summery cool feeling to it that help us stay cool and calm specially when we are tired of dealing the summer heat. 

And not to forget, one color head to toe works great in creating SLIMMER silhouette in seconds.

A way to rock a monochromatic look so that you stay far away from looking dull and monotonous is to make sure you bring in VARIETY:

  • mix different silhouettes - how I have brought curves of puff sleeves and embroidery detailing with the straight shape of the denim

  • mix distinct textures or fabrics - the way I have done is mixed cotton with a softer denim fabric.

  • mix light+dark or warm+cool shades of the same chromatic hue - In my look I have tried to keep subtle variation as I have other variety in shape and texture.

  • mix in variety of patterns : if you like patterns you can add patterns or patch work detailing in the same color family.

CONSIDERING the summer season , going monochromatic with a cool hue  (blue, green) and keeping a subtle contrast is always considered to be CALMING in psychological effect; however you can go as bright or higher contrast you want based on your mood and occasion.

Trust me when you TWEAK these design details to create diversity , the look is always fresh and fascinating. 

Also PULLING a one color look works as a CANVAS when you want to bring all the attention to your accessories - may be your newly bought necklace that you want to flaunt or a luxurious bag that you can’t stop showing off . 

SO WHY WAIT? create your go to monochromatic look that best suits your personality and body. It might save you all your fashion problems at one go!