HOW I wore this SNAKE PRINT romper in 3 DIFFERENT WAYS + TIPS to wear the right PATTERN!


THIS satin romper in snake print was one of my STYLISH FIND from the @jomarstores  stores in Philadelphia. Perfect to wear out for spring with its statement bell sleeves and a great way to uplift your confidence. 

BEING ALWAYS CREATIVE with the way I dress - couldn’t resist  myself to ‘experiment’ and create the look from a classy easygoing day outfit to an elegant exciting view. 

ANIMAL PRINT have long been a poplar style statement for many reasons  - it is believed to grant power and confidence to the wearer and at the same time evoking an exotic feeling! 

Animal prints are always used to create a sophisticated and THEATRICAL look. 

It is a timeless piece and is still ruling the fashion industries! 

However creating an outfit that coordinate well with the prints and pattern can be a lot of effort sometimes. 

MY SECOND LOOK as below where I am wearing this romper very easily and effortlessly with wide leg denims.


Paired it up with this high waist denims, switched my bag , change my lip color and yayy - here I am with a new look! Fresh, comfy and stylish!!

Great to wear from office to OOO - this one is an easy effortless look that will make you feel amazing!

So as I mentioned earlier, selecting a pattern that  harmonize well to your body can become a great deal of work and energy!!

Here is my basic TIPS for you to SELECT YOUR PATTERNS:

  1. The goal is to select and locate a pattern in ways that enhance the body - in ways that make the figure appear nearly balanced and emphasize the areas you want to highlight. 

  2. The one and foremost tip - always compare the size of the pattern to the size of your body. To appear harmonious the pattern size needs to be in proportion and scale to your body. Too big patterns may overpower a petite body  figure. 

  3. Do a test to decide if its a quality pattern or a poor one before you buy it. Squinch your eyes to see the pattern - if it appears to lift off the surface a lot or appear flashy and jumpy it may signal that its a low quality. 


Here comes my FINAL and favorite look - PATTERN OVER PATTERN

Paired the snake print romper with my gray double breasted plaid skirt - which is another great find from @jomarstores and was also presented on the runways @phillyfashionweek + these gorgeous ‘can’t miss me’ red vintage pumps.

It’s always interesting to coordinate different patterns as its adds drama to your look and mak the look more unique and personal.
This is my favorite lookout of the 3 specially because it makes me feel more expressive and creative with the right amount of everything that blends well with my personal style - a surprise well worth the effort.

SIMPLE PRINCIPLE to help you MIX patterns over patterns:
⚡️Make sure the patterns you are selecting belong to the same color family or share one or more colors in common.As you see in my outfit both the snake print and the plaid have a common color which is Black.
⚡️Always try to see the traits they communicate - their mood and occasion should be related. Both the patterns in my 3rd outfit conveys sophistication and influential.

As I always believe , it’s all about owning your look and carry it with confidence!!
If you like how your outfit looks simply wear it and create a style of your own!!

Hope my blog was able to bring you some inspiration on wearing patterns more creatively!