Why Colors and how to bring colors into our wardrobe


MY PERSONAL take on colors - Colors just brightens up everything for me!!

Let me be little vulnerable here and share this with you!

I HAVE BEEN RAISED in a culture where I have seen people wearing a lot of colors in their everyday life. To be honest, my mom has always encouraged me to wear brighter and bold colors. I remember she never used to let me wear blacks or neutrals specially because these colors were treated more like an uniform and also because they have a serious and a reserved vibe to it.

This conditioning built up my perception towards colors - I love wearing colors and I do it with my unique style.

IT’S A MYTH, that we can’t wear all colors. We can wear any color we want , we just need to know how to do it. When we start playing with colors and experimenting more , we realize that its not just the color, it’s the shade or tone of the color that makes all the difference.

Also it’s not only about wearing a single color, it’s also the colors in combinations that adds more visual interest and make you look more powerful.

INCORPORATING COLORS in our wardrobe , in our everyday looks plays a higher role in evoking physical and emotional responses, which may be conscious or unconscious. Like a brighter and bold color will always uplift your mood whenever you are feeling dull or low.

ANOTHER REASON, I prefer to put on a colorful outfit is that I use colors to EXPRESS myself , create a sense of INDIVIDUALITY and above all , feel ALIVE. Colors contribute a lot in developing our unique personal style — start to EXPERIMENT a little and discover which colors are most in harmony with you, with what you do, your personality and your lifestyle. As you start to relate those colors with the person you are today and see the difference it brings to you and your inner feelings , you will get more comfortable wearing those colors — it gradually then become a part of your personal style!!

If you want to look visually interesting, creative and youthful, bring in some colors into your wardrobe.

I TOTALLY GET IT, that we often avoid wearing colors as it can be tricky to combine different shades and create a harmonious balance. As result we stick to our wardrobe neutrals since we find it easy and comfortable; but here is what we are missing out - we overlook a side of our personality that would be good to experience.

Let’s not limit our relation with colors. Let’s have a new attitude about colors - a more relaxed attitude that offers flexibility and develop creativity within us!!

So, to help you get open to more colors and feel good wearing it, let me share some simple ways that can get you there:

  1. Simplest strategy - bring down the color of your hair, skin, eyes, cheeks into your clothing in a variety of shade or tints. It will always flatter you. My brown eyes allows color like beige, coral and light orange.

  2. When combining 2 or more colors - Go bright and bold for one color and keep the other color soft and light to create the look more interesting.

  3. If you are not ready to go full on with colors yet, accessorize yourself in colors. Just grab a bright color bag or put on those red heels. It will not only make you look creative, but would also help evolve your personal style.

  4. Start with a wonderful pattern of colors in a print, stripe or plaid - this will help you inspire with your color scheme and help you mix-match using the existing pattern. Build your wardrobe around these colors, use these colors to choose your jewelry, your makeup and accessories.

  5. Go one color at a time and wear it with your wardrobe neutrals. If you have more neutrals and dark shades in your wardrobe and looking to bring in some colors - Don’t go overboard with too many colors at once, instead just feature one hue - a relatively lighter and brighter hue as an accent color and pair it with your blacks, grays and white.

Use these simple steps, and have fun with colors!!

Though there are all these dressing techniques and rules , sometimes its okay to set yourself free and just put on that color which you have always wanted to wear.

Put it on , go out , be more aware of how it makes you feel. At the end if you feel good and confident, then nothing else matters!!