"Happiness is letting go clothes that you no longer need"


It’s that light and fresh feeling when you wave goodbye to all those clothes that no longer represent the person you are today and as you create space in your wardrobe for new ones that bring in the good energy and positive vibes into your life!

We often hold on to clothes we don’t wear as its hard to part with them due to a sentimental value!  But think it this way - what we hold onto holds us back. 

I agree with you when you say that this garment matters a lot to you and you want to preserve it. I would say - Keep it! However - don’t leave it hanging as an orphan in your closet instead carefully store it in a box or a chest!! 

Its a massive task if you first time edit your wardrobe or doing it after a long time , however  when you do it periodically it goes on very smoothly and becomes a healthy & fun wardrobe habit!  

This time , I did it together with my husband - put on some light music, snacks on the side and we had a great time together reminiscing on some old stuff and unclutter the past we are ready to let go!

It was a simple sorting process, 

  • clothes that goes into the donation box for a nearby goodwill;  &

  • the lightly worn clothes that do not fit my personal style and I know will be a great fit for my cousin.

 It can be overwhelming to see you have some really expensive clothes that are hardly worn and are now just sitting unused in your closet—you may also consider reselling them in Ebay or Thredup! 

A fun fact:  you don’t know what you have until you clean your closet!

It was the ‘happy dance’ moment for me when I found a pair of denim shorts [completely erased from my memory]  in awesome condition & fit + just in time for summer — Its like I am shopping my own wardrobe!! 

Well, it took almost a day but it was a productive time!

I feel happy & light as if a weight has been lifted up - knowing there are no more pileups , no more ‘What if..’ excuses, and finally I got the nerve to let go my past from my wardrobe so that I can look&feel like the person I am today!

How are you cleaning your wardrobe to let go anything that is no more ‘YOU’ ? +  It’s the great time to say farewell to those heavy sweaters as we head in excitement to warmer days :)