Hi! I am Hetal Desai.

I am a certified Image Consultant & Personal Stylist.

I guide women to succeed in their personal, professional and social lives by enhancing their image to be in congruent with their body, personality, lifestyle and goals.

I love working with people to bring out the best in them by creating an Image which is - Authentic, Attractive , Appropriate and Affordable!


I strongly believe that the clothes we wear should be our medium for self-expression , individuality and creativity!

My Story

From childhood I have always been inclined to the world of creativity, glamour, art and colors.

However life took its turn!

Spending 5 years in a 9 to 6 job made me realize that this is not what I want to end up doing. 

Long story short!

My passion for styling and creativity along with the immense pleasure I always get in making a positive impact in other’s life - paved the path for me and empowered me to leave my job and follow my zeal of spreading the joy of styling lives. 

And here I am, thriving every moment with my passion about educating people to understand the impact of  their appearance in achieving success of any kind.


Why is it important to understand the impact of the clothes and grooming ? because it serves as an outer packaging of a brand thats called YOU - not just only to make you look physically attractive but also reflecting your true inner personality , your interest, values and attitude and elevating your mood internally.

Its not just what you wear but why and how you wear matters the most!

The more you understand your preferred style of dress the more you would able to use it as a medium of self-expression , being more stable and confident.


Choose your style over fashion , own it and choose the way you want to be seen!

No doubt, a woman have multiple facets of her personality , but are we living up to the fullest ? Dressing to accommodate and reflect every ‘me’ inside you is an effective way to nurture each part of the self and would open up endless channel for your personal expression and personal growth.

I am looking to reach every woman who is ready to refine and embrace her personal style and shine through her best image.


bringing the joy of personalized fashion to you in every role you play , helping you look & feel your best.