Image+wardrobe Help

5 hr ‘in-home’ visit session with 2hr personal shopping over a period of 2 weeks helping women possess a winning image that best suits their lifestyle, personal style, body and multiple roles they play from day to night. Get a personalized curated wardrobe that offers you the flexibility to look polished and aesthetically put together.

Look incredibly YOU in no time!

If you are a super busy professional w/ kids , have multiple things to take care of and many roles to play throughout the day - last thing you want to worry about is ‘what to wear?’ or ‘how to pull together your look in no time’

Let me take away this concern from you and make your life beautifully sorted when it comes to your clothes.

What would you achieve?

  • You will develop a positive body image and will step out of your house looking and feeling your best. 

  • You would know your personal style , body variations and wow colors that would help you dress confidently and shop efficiently.

  • A versatile coordinated wardrobe with every piece best suited to serve you for all your roles.

  • Outfit Clusters created for different occasions of your life - work, casual, dressy, travel etc. so that dressing every morning is a positive experience without much effort and time.

  • Learn to mix-match and pull together an outfit based on your styles needs and messages you want to convey through your image.

  • Learn to dress up and dress down by tweaking certain details of your outfit so that you can attend different events confidently without worrying about what outfits to carry.

  • Get a 2 week coordinated outfit work cluster created for you.

  • A prioritized list of new pieces that would coordinate well with your updated wardrobe.

  • Personal Shopping experience to help you buy the right pieces for you that are essential to your wardrobe and also considering the current trends and upcoming season.

Investment: $285

Included: 2hr Personal Shopping

Get 2 hr Personal Shopping experience completely free with this package.

FREE: 1 follow-up wardrobe edit

Get one free follow-up wardrobe session / a seasonal refresh in the next 6 months.

Program Features

Questionnaire to be filled via email


3 hrs of in-home visit to curate your wardrobe based on your lifestyle, body shape, personal style, personality , roles and goals.

An organized and well sorted wardrobe that every piece in your wardrobe is grouped clearly , visible and accessible.


2 hr in home visit to create Coordinated Outfit lookbook + Cluster creation for formal, business casuals and casuals depending on your lifestyle. Developing your shopping list and smart shopping game plan.

2 hr of personal shopping experience based on your budget and style needs.This can be booked as per your flexible day & time.

*Value Add oN*

Book our clustering service to create your WORK CLUSTER for the whole month - 25 LOOKS only at $80.